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dynamic suspension systems

Our range includes various suspension systems, so you can choose for yourself how to incorporate our big balls into your interior. The systems are also dynamic, allowing you to give your creativity free rein. 

  • Set or spread of pendant lights 
  • Cord lights

Let's get creative! 

Set or spread of pendant lights

Mono big ball

Mono Big Ball 


When hanging 1 big Ball you have the option to hang it directly from the distribution point or you can also attach it to the ceiling thanks to the supplied silicone hook.

1 x 2,5 m

​​​​Configure mono pendant light

Duo Big Ball

 Duo Big Ball 


You can have the double hanging lamp depart from a truss. Would you rather spread it out? With the 2 supplied silicone hooks you can mount each cord in the desired place.

2 x 2.5 m

​​​​Configure duo pendant light

Trio Big ball

Trio Big Ball 


Three similar lamps come into their own, both next to each other or in a cluster, thanks to the 3 supplied silicone brackets. Boost your interior to a higher level.

3 x 2.5 m

​​​​Configure trio pendant light​​​​​

Quintet big Ball

Quintet Big Ball 


Switch height, color and size eg. brighten up a table. Both in truss and spread possible thanks to the 5 supplied silicone hooks.

5 x 3.5 m

​​​​Configure quintet pendant light​

Cord lights

Creativity through and through!

Our cord lights offer endless possibilities. You can suspend them from different places in your interior. Dynamic lighting that you can easily adjust to your needs. 

The switch attached to the cord means that you can easily switch the light on and off. Handy and atmospheric! 

Design your own cord lamp

Have you been inspired by these examples?

Our Happy Lights Big Balls are completely modular. Choose the perfect colours to match your room and create your own light today.