Big Balls

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Imagine: a convivial evening at home, surrounded by soft, colourful lighting that fills the room with a warm glow. Or a celebration, where each corner of the room twinkles and shines with a splendid collection of colorful lamps . Or perhaps a store space that catches the eye and makes an impression on customers with a unique and stylish lighting design.

Our big balls allow you to lend a creative ambience to any room. Thanks to their soft and convivial glow, they are the ideal providers of atmosphere. Whether you want to create a romantic or comfortable ambience in the bedroom, a cheerful and playful atmosphere in the children's bedroom or give your living room a stylish and modern look, our big balls are the perfect solution.

Create a unique and creative atmosphere

Inspired by these examples?

Our Happy Lights are entirely modular. Choose the perfect colours for your room and make your own light strings. All lamps are interchangeable and ready for use.