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Complete your child's bedroom with our colourful light strings of cotton balls. These festoon lights are perfect for adding a playful and comfortable ambience to any children's room. The warm, soft light lends a soothing and cosy atmosphere, perfect for falling asleep or just relaxing.

Use our Happy Lights as a night light for your baby. The soft and cosy light will reassure him or her. The balls feel natural, because they have been made by hand. Our light strings are completely safe, don't get hot and are energy efficient thanks to the use of LEDs. They can be left on all night. And if there's no wall plug next to the cot, no problem! Opt for the USB light strings with a power bank. You do need to make sure that your baby can't get hold of the festoon for their own safety though.

When your children get older and want to personalise their room, just switch the balls and allow them to be inspired by our colours. Teenagers love to pimp their bedrooms with gadgets and decorations.

Order now now and give your child's room a magical and playful look.

As a night light or for ambience

Inspired by these examples?

Our Happy Lights are entirely modular. Choose the perfect colours for your room and make your own light strings. All lamps are interchangeable and ready for use.