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Inspiration for an atmospheric interior. 
On this page, you will find various examples for every effect.


The possibilities are endless. They lend colour to the interior in the daytime and provide a beautiful ambience in the evening.
Interior inspiration​​

Baby and children's room

Use our Happy Lights as a reassuring night light. Soft and soothing light for your baby.
Children's room inspiration


Illuminate your garden or terrace with our outdoor light strings and enjoy the warmth and convivial atmosphere they create.
Outdoor inspiration

Big balls

Ceiling lights are a statement. Make a room complete with our cheerful lights.
Big ball inspiration

Weddings & events

Our cheerful lights offer the perfect lighting for your table or event.
Events inspiration

Table decoration

Pimp up every table with our table lights.
Indoors or outdoors.
Table inspiration

Inspired by these examples?

Our Happy Lights are entirely modular. Choose the perfect colours for your room and make your own light strings. All lamps are interchangeable and ready for use.