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Wuring - LED

step1: choose the amount of lights: 20 or 35

step2: choose the plug:

  • Fixed plug has a EU plug attached to the lightstring.
  • USB plug has a usb connection (but no plug is included); you can add a USB wall plug or powerbank if you want one.

With a powerbank the use of Happy Lights are endless. Use them everywhere you want (even where there is no socket available). Beautiful tabledecoration, on the patio, on a cupboard,... Be creative!

On the search for the perfect home embellishment that will instantly create a warm and cozy atmosphere? Do you want an interior design element that will boost the style of your home! We have the answer:

Happy Lights is a brand of colorful handmade (OTOP) energy-efficient and safe LED string lights and mood lamps. We bring atmosphere to every interior, every (children's) room and on every party table.
Be inspired by one of our favorite color combinations. Or make your own combination from more than 60 colors. In addition to string lights, you will also find the handmade lamps as a standing or hanging lamp.

  • OTOP – handmade

Happy Lights is inspired by cultures, landscapes, people and nature. Our cotton balls are handmade in Thailand, where women in their village can combine local work and family. They are part of the government's OTOP project (One Tambon (= district) One Product) and receive fair wages. That's the way it should be!

  • Energy efficient and safe

We work with LED string lights and LED lamps, these consume very little energy and do not heat up and are therefore much more durable than normal bulbs. Completely safe as night light in a child's room or to create a romantic décor.

  • Customizable and flexible

Happy Lights is flexible and you can adapt your garland or lamp to any season or atmosphere, everything is available separately in our webshop. We bring color and cosiness to your interior! Nothing compares to the feeling that the Happy Lights garlands will offer to any home. All our colorful cotton ball garlands are a real masterpiece for interior design that will offer a cozy feeling, as well as great style to any home!

Our Happy Lights balls are pre-cut and therefore very easy to assemble.

  • The LED lamps are mounted in a loop, 140 or 240 cm loop with lighting and 150 cm between loop and plug with the switch in between. If you don’t have a socket available in the area, we also have these string lights with a LED USB connection: these are mounted in a straight line, 190 or 240 or 490 cm with lighting and 150 cm between lighting and plug. For this you can order a matching power bank or USB plug adapter. Perfect for tabledecoration!
  • We use sustainable packaging with the necessary attention to nature and people! We consciously work with a USB connection that can be connected to a rechargeable power bank instead of disposable batteries.
  • Package contents:
    - Cardboard box
    - Light cord of your choice (LED or LED USB)
    - 20 or 35 balls
    - Instruction manual
    - Extra ordered items such as EU plug or Powerbank
  • Watch our instruction videos for all needed installation help!
    See tab below for the link.

Pre-cut cotton balls
Diameter cotton balls 6-7 cm


  • LED light string in loop (see image)
  • 220-240 V / 50Hz / MAX 2 W
  • 20 or 35 lamps 3.2 V, 20 mA
  • 14 cm between the lamps
  • 20 bulbs:140 cm lights and 150 cm from lighting to main plug
  • 35 bulbs: 240 cm lights and 150 cm from lights to mains plug


  • LED USB light string in a straight line (see image)
  • 20, 35 or 50 lamps 3 V, 20 mA, 0.06 W.
  • 10 cm between the lights
  • 20 bulbs: 190 cm of lights and another 150 cm to the USB plug
  • 35 bulbs: 340 cm of lights and another 150 cm to the USB plug
  • 50 bulbs: 490 cm of lights and another 150 cm to the USB plug
  • USB plug or power bank not included automatically, to be ordered separately


    Find your instruction manual here.

    We try to make our videos as clear as possible, but don't hesitate to ask if you still have questions.

    Light Strings

     Big Balls





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    Wuring - LED