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Outdoor - Chillipepper

Outdoor LED lightstrings with warm red, yellow and orange, warm white light

Choose from 10 to 50 lamps. Check specifications and technical below for all info.

Happy Lights OUTDOOR is a brand of high-quality colorful energy-efficient and safe LED string lights for outside. We bring atmosphere everywhere.

Be inspired by one of our favorite color combinations. Or make your own combination.
In addition to string lights for outside, you will also find our attractive string lights with handmade cotton balls for indoors and our handmade standing or hanging lamp in our other collections.

  • Energy efficient and safe

We work with LED string lights, which use very little energy, do not heat up, are much more durable than incandescent lamps and have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Ideal to illuminate the garden every night of the year.

  • Customizable and flexible

Happy Lights Outdoor is flexible and you can adjust your pendulum to the colors you want, everything is available separately in our webshop. Change the colored or clear spheres as much as you want according to the desired atmosphere or party. We bring color and cosiness to your garden!

  • Our Happy Lights Outdoor only need to be assembled. You screw the lamps into the lamp holders (firmly) and connect the cables (if more than 10 lamps) to each other.

  • The lamps are mounted in a straight line, 5 meters for 10 lamps and 3 meters for the starter cable. We use sustainable packaging with the necessary attention.

  • Package contents:
    - Cardboard box
    - 1 starter cable
    - Amount of bulb cables you have ordered: 1-2-3-4-5
    - Amount of bulbs you have ordered, color by your choice, packed in a carboard box: 10-20-30-40-50
  • Waterproof outdoor lighting (IP44). String light in a straight line (see image below).
  • LED bulbs E27, 1W, 50lm, 3000K; diameter 4,5cm
  • 220-240V
  • The starter cable between the plug and the first string of lights is 3 meters.
  • Garland of 10 bulbs has a total length of 8 meters and weighs 1300g.
  • Garland of 20 bulbs has a total length of 13 meters and weighs 2300g.
  • Garland of 30 bulbs has a total length of 18 meters and weighs 3400g.
  • Garland of 40 bulbs has a total length of 23 meters and weighs 4400g.
  • Garland of 50 bulbs has a total length of 28 meters and weighs 5500g.
  • You can hang up to 5 string lights of 10 lamps together with 1 starter cable. For longer cables, please contact us.



Find your instruction manual here.

We try to make our videos as clear as possible, but don't hesitate to ask if you still have questions.

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Outdoor - Chillipepper