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Inspiratie - Tafeldecoratie


My friends are always suprised if they come to a dinner party at our home. I love to cook an try out new recipes. I have to admit, sometimes things do go wrong... But
We pimp up every table with our Happy Lights. Inside or outside. I start with placing a USB LED Happy Lights in the middle of the table. With the powerbank I can easily use the string wirelessly. I first choose to use them double or single. If I use the string double, the balls don't need a lot of extra decoration. If I use it single, I'll add some flowers (real or fake) and weave them into the light string to get more volume and create a stunnig combination. Almost like a flower arrangement with candles in the middle. But without the isseus and danger.
If there is more light, it's easier to see what food is on your plate, altough sometimes, when it went wrong, less light should be better :-).
If you get to the dessert and want to make the evening cosy, dim the surrounding lights and let the Happy Light create a fairytale evening.

Believe me, your guests will be speechless.