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How to prepare a Photo shoot?

by Koen De Baets |

We have a Photoshoot on location this week. This is always a creative and empowering moment. But preparation is the key.

Decide on the location. Do you want to shoot outside or inside? What do you want to shoot there: a table ready for a great diner? A decorated tree? What colors do you want to shoot or which atmosphere.
Then you can think about the materials you need to create this. A table, chairs, plates, glasses, blankets, candles, flowers. Believe me, moving everything to the location is a good wordkout! No gym needed afterwords. Or get some help for preparing the settings and be a real pro photogropher with assistent!

Next to decoration materials, a ladder, rope, scissors, tape and invisible wire are basics to have.

Think about the kind of pictures you want to take. Daytime or evening? If you shoot outside, you have limited time to shoot the falling evening. When we shoot our lights burning in de evening, we have to be quick before it gets too dark. The best option is both. When everything is set up, use this for day and night pictures. More options with the same amount of work.

Be creative. With the ladder you can shoot from a different perspective, that gives a great effect! Or why don't you lay on the floor?

Think instagram! Don't forget to be prepared to make the picture square. If you think about this before taking the picture you have more options.