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Inspiration - Chambre d'enfant et crèche

Are you expecting a baby? Let our colors inspire you for the nursery! As a mother of two, I know I sometimes lacked of inspiration to paint the room. Also putting colors or paint together based on paint is not easy. If you pick in a brochure product to combine, the result in real life isn't always as we dreamed it should be.

Pick one of your favorite light strings and let the room be painted in the same colors, or adapt the furniture. Use our Happy Lights as night light for the baby. My boy and girl love it! The soft and cosy light comforts them. The balls have a natural feel as they are hand made. They can stay on all night (trust me, our kids do it for years now). Our LED lights are safe to use, won't heat and use very little electricity. No electricity acces next to the cradle? No problem, use the LED USB light string with a powerbank and the problem is solved. Do be sure the baby won't be able to get to the light string for their safety though.
If they get older and pick other colors in the room, just change the balls on the light string and adapt them to the room. Or let them be inspired with our colors. Teenagers love the pimp up the room wit gadgets and decorations. All of our friends' kids are very happy every time they get Happy Lights as a present. As the proud owner of Happy Lights I always have to give one as a present!

Good luck and we hope the birth will go well!
We wish you a Happy an Healthy baby and lots of love.

Enjoy your last days of silence!


With Happy Lights you support families in Thailand. The Happy Lights are handmade and the parents can stay in the village at home to produce the cotton balls. This way, they can care for the children at home and work at the same time for a fair payment.